About Us

eSymon is an innovative solution to Environmental Monitoring, which has been specifically designed to tackle our clients’ everyday struggles with the management of large volumes of geodata.

Challenges of Data Management

Monitoring of the environment usually generates a significant amount of data. If this data is not systematically stored, problems often arise with:

  • Limited access to historical data due to poor storage;
  • Different formats of stored data (if the data is kept in digital form at all);
  • Continuity and integrity of the data; and
  • Security of the data.

Therefore, years of historical data cannot be used / trusted.

The Solution
eSymon: Electronic Data Management System for Monitoring

eSymon is primarily designed to:

  • Systematically import, store, view and manipulate large volumes of monitoring data;
  • Provide remote and instantaneous access to site-specific information;
  • Allow data visualization using an interactive GIS interface; and
  • Create various outputs such as time series graphs, geochemical diagrams (Piper, Durov, Stiff, Schoeller) and contour maps.